buried, but alive
So, here’s the state of my desk at the moment.  I’m working on a new series commissioned by Working Title TV, a supernatural crime story set in the Norfolk Broads, centred around the disappearance of a seventeen year old girl.  It’s a fairly complicated piece of work, and as it’s developed the notes and post-its and character details have built up into a kind of strata, covering my desk, but giving me a map I can follow.  The columns of post-its are organised into different storylines and characters, jostling for space and able to shift up and down as the episode is organised.  I haven’t written in this way before, but it seems to be working.  I’m writing in long hand (in the notepad on the right) and, occasionally on computer when dialogue breaks out.  The objects placed on the sheets are part talismen to play with, but more importantly there to stop the notes blowing away, because I’m writing with the door open at the moment.
my desk