The horse that tried to kill me, and the fence that I vaulted...
As I ran I could hear the horses’ hooves cantering after me across the grass.  The field was uneven and I was afraid of falling in a rabbit hole, tripping on the grass or running out of time.  The fence looked dry and spiked and with no gate, so I simple ran straight at it, at the very last moment throwing myself over it as the horse ran up behind me, skidding in the dirt.  On the other side I saw the horse almost running into the fence at the place where I’d jumped.  It began to kick and whinny, going up and down the length of the fence with a mad
look in its eyes, exposing its teeth and flashing its ears back and
I took this photo and sat in the grass.
Oddly, when I told my father what had happened, he said that field had a long history of horses being part wild.